Space Planning can build planograms on your desktop and it can also be integrated with Blue Yonder Category Knowledge Base for enterprise implementations. By matching merchandise strategies with the way consumers shop, Space Planning helps you determine how much product to sell, how long it will take to sell it and how much to keep in stock. Tracking fixture types and dimensions at each store enables you to monitor available space and how much product will fit on each fixture. By using the advanced three-dimensional graphics engine you can see exactly how your store presentation will look. 

How we can help

  • For those new to planogramming, we can help you get the software from Blue Yonder, and provide implementation assistance to get you set up with the processes and data sources you need to become proficient at planogramming.
  • For those who are already using Blue Yonder for Space Planning, we offer basic, intermediate, and customized training, so that you and your team can ensure your investment is being used to its full potential.
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