What is hosting?

Being the experts at Category Management makes Cantactix the best source to manage your Category Management environment. Since 2015 our Microsoft Azure cloud hosting and expert North American support services, assure our hosting clients that their Category Management environments operate at maximum performance. In addition, our implementation and upgrade services make your move to the Cantactix cloud seamless. Regardless of where you host your server infrastructure, Cantactix can help you install, configure and maintain the Blue Yonder Category Management suite. 

It is not always clear what the term “hosting” means. Let’s clarify what your server options are for your Category Knowledge Base environment so that you can make an informed decision:

Cantactix hosted environment

Cantactix provides the server infrastructure to manage the entire implementation on your behalf. Our hosting service is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) type model. Our servers are hosted within Microsoft Azure and we have an expert support team based in North America. The location of your servers can be in any of the available Microsoft data centers, curated to meet your organization’s requirements. Our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) model includes a service desk for application and user support. This option may be best for you if you want to keep your perpetual licenses while offloading the work of managing servers. Just bring your own Blue Yonder licenses and we take care of the rest.

Blue Yonder SaaS environment

Blue Yonder provides the server infrastructure within their Microsoft Azure cloud environment and installs the software for you. In the Blue Yonder cloud, your software is provided as a subscription, not an outright purchase of the software. Blue Yonder will provide ongoing upgrades, and this is where their future product development work will be focused. We help customers migrate to the Blue Yonder cloud, and we can also provide ongoing application support to ensure your team is getting the most out of your cloud instance.

Your IT department runs your servers

This approach is the classic “on-premise” implementation. You own the hardware, and your IT department manages the server infrastructure for you. Cantactix works with you on the implementation as well as when it’s time for enhancements or an upgrade. Your IT team takes care of server maintenance and assists us with any software upgrades. You can count on Cantactix to help run and optimize your Blue Yonder applications.

Someone else runs your servers

This is when an IT consultancy (Hewlett-Packard, for example) is acting as your IT department, and you have access to their servers. They may take care of the server updates and upgrades to your software. In this scenario Cantactix can serve as your support team for running, enhancing, and maintaining your Blue Yonder applications.

Cloud hosting

Some companies are moving their servers to a “cloud” company like Amazon, Azure, or Google. Cantactix can be your support team to help you manage and fine-tune your Blue Yonder applications, or we can even manage the cloud implementation on Amazon, Azure, and Google for you. Again, Cantactix can serve as your support team for running, enhancing, and maintaining your Blue Yonder applications.