MissionControl Software

For Manufacturers

Deliver category relays faster and more accurately to your retailer. Get a late start on your category, and your buyer has (again!) changed their mind? MissionControl has the tools to get your planograms finished on time and accurately. We know how retailers want planograms or modulars delivered, and MissionControl is designed to get the job done faster and better.

  • Retailer-specific features for Walmart and Target suppliers
  • Automation tools from preparation to turn-in
  • Built-in features to increase your productivity in hundreds of different ways
MissionControl Software

For Retailers

You need a flexible tool to accelerate the planogram resets across many different categories, with a huge variety of merchandising issues. Make all your Space Planners faster by eliminating their biggest pain points with retailer-specific customizations.

  • Increase planogram quality and consistency
  • Complete category resets faster
  • Drive better vendor-created planograms with your own quality checks and validations

Key Features

Data Importer
DC Matrix Report
Find Anything
Batch PDF Printing
Sort Positions
Floating Shelves
Table Exporter
Interactive Highlight

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get started using MissionControl?

It’s quick and easy to add MissionControl to your workflow. Many of our clients have gotten up and running in a single day! 

Can I try out the software before buying it? 

Yes. We offer a trial version of MissionControl that you can request on this page. The trial version has some limits on the number of planograms you can process, and it does not include any retailer-specific features. If you are interested in the retailer-specific options, please contact us at info@cantactix.com. 

My retailer adjusts their requirements with each reset – will MissionControl keep up?

Yes. Cantactix works closely with many retailers to keep up with their changing requirements. We also welcome your suggestions for enhancements – if you have a pain-point that MissionControl doesn’t solve, we want to hear about that. Reach out to our support team here.

Can MissionControl replace Blue Yonder Space Planning for making planograms?

MissionControl works WITH Space Planning – it is not a replacement for Space Planning.   If fact, MissionControl REQUIRES an activated license of Blue Yonder Space Planning to function.  

Does this mean I do not need CKB?

MissionControl is not a replacement for CKB. CKB is a powerful repository for all your assortment, cluster, planogram, floorplan, product and performance data. Any serious retailer (and most medium and large manufacturers) should be leveraging CKB as their enterprise repository for their Category Management data. CKB improves integration with existing systems and enhances connectivity between the different applications within the Blue Yonder Category Management Suite.

MissionControl sounds a lot like Blue Yonder Space Automation Professional (SAPro) – is it the same thing?

MissionControl and SAPro are different and serve different purposes:

  • MissionControl automates common tasks Space Planners struggle with related to managing and updating planograms, and it does not require any programming expertise to operate.
  • Space Automation Professional is a powerful programming tool for the Blue Yonder Category Management Suite that requires both an advanced .NET programming skill set and a strong understanding of Space Management practices. We typically do not see many clients who have team members with both skill sets.
Will my IT group let me install MissionControl?

If your IT department allows you to install software on your PC you can easily install MissionControl by yourself. MissionControl is digitally signed by Cantactix to identify it as legitimate, safe software. If you are in a controlled IT environment, we will provide the software in a format your IT department can automatically deploy.

How often is the software updated?

We update the software regularly and you will likely see updates at least once a quarter. We are always developing new features to stay current with our customers’ needs. If there is an action that you are doing to every one of your planograms, we want to hear about it. It might become our next feature! 

How do updates and new features get delivered?

MissionControl can either check for updates automatically (if your IT departments allows that) or the updates can be managed and deployed by your IT department.

I’m a user of MissionControl and need some help to get my work done – who can I contact?

We are here to help! Please contact us at support@cantactix.com. 

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