Key Features

Automation without coding = no programming required
Respond at scale = modify many planograms at once
Configure once = then use again or share with your team
Pre-validate = eliminate the need for rework


Building planograms doesn’t have to be as challenging as it once was. Today, automation and software advances have made planogram and modular resets faster, more consistent, and less painful. MissionControl was developed to solve the problems we have encountered during our years of category management experience. This software will provide Space Planning and Visual Merchandising teams with a tool that guides them through their planogramming process while accelerating the steps along the journey. 

As an approved Blue Yonder technology solution, Cantactix MissionControl Software can make planogramming faster on your PC, in CKB, and in a Blue Yonder SaaS environment. Whether you are responsible for one category or 200, working on a dozen planograms or many thousand, MissionControl will significantly improve the speed and consistency of your planogramming. 

Planogram Build Process

Every planogram process follows the same path: prepare – build – validate – publish.  

  1. Prepare: Before you can start your planogramming project, you need to plan it out. What clean-up is needed on the old planograms? What performance data will be collected? What new planograms will be added to the relay? What will the merchandising strategy be? What metrics will we be using to evaluate the planograms? Before remerchandising new planograms, one must make sure the right data is loaded in and in the most logical places.
  2. Build: In this step, you’ll finalize the merchandising of the products on each planogram. Whenever possible, use automation to make changes that will be repeated across multiple planograms. Avoid doing anything one-by-one that can be automated for a large number of planograms. As you work on each planogram, you will receive live reporting of your key metrics. Instead of having to redo all the planograms, you get them right the first time.
  3. Validate: Planograms are drawn, but they still need to be approved. Most planograms go through both and internal team approval cycle and a review with the merchandiser or buyer. Give yourself a purpose-built metrics tool specific to the key metrics of each audience. As long as you put in the right data and build them to the appropriate metrics, approvals will be a breeze, right? Just kidding, there’s going to be pre-work. Automation makes those changes the merchant needs so much easier.
  4.  Publish: Now that the planograms have been approved, it’s time to send them to the stores. Making that happen requires cleaning out any work-in-process items you may have inserted (like Add & Delete shelves), clearing out unallocated products, and removing old notes and data. Then print or otherwise publish the planograms into the retail supply chain system so they can get into the hands of store-level merchandisers. You may also need to extract key data for your own category reporting, replenishment, labelling, and planogram comparison systems.
  5. Happy Dance: And finally, relax! You’ve finished your relay. It’s time for a happy dance, because MissionControl will make every relay more efficient!


Deliver category relays faster and more accurately to your retailer. MissionControl has the tools to get your planograms approved the first time. We know how retailers want planograms or modulars delivered, and MissionControl is designed to get the job done efficiently. 

  • Retailer-specific features for Walmart and Target suppliers 
  • Automation tools from preparation to turn-in 
  • Built-in features to increase your productivity in hundreds of different ways
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You need a flexible tool to accelerate planogram resets across many different categories, with a huge variety of merchandising issues. Digitize and automate your planogram checklists to work faster and more efficiently in Blue Yonder Space and Floor Planning. Eliminate the biggest time-wasters with automation that lets your team deliver faster, higher quality planograms.

  • Increase planogram quality and consistency 
  • Complete category resets faster 
  • Drive better vendor-created planograms with your own quality checks and validations
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