What is it?

The Blue Yonder Space, Planogram & Category Management Suite ties together processes that are typically conducted independently of one another. By using a powerful centralized database that links multiple components together, Blue Yonder’s software clusters stores based on true local demand, optimizes assortments based on retail industry best practices, supports company workflows, and efficiently manages floorplans and planograms. It combines the key components necessary for a winning merchandise strategy.

Why do you need it?

Give your business a competitive edge by delivering better assortments, implementing better floor plans and planograms, and ultimately increasing sales at higher margins with the right products in the right stores. You’ll also maximize inventory ROI by significantly reducing carrying costs, stock-outs and excess inventory. By achieving precise merchandising, you will be able to match assortments and planograms to every store.

React quickly to emerging market trends as you turn up-to-date business data into the market intelligence required to maximize sales and ROI opportunities. Through cross-category, department, planogram, store, and floor plan analysis, Space & Category Management enables you to maximize selling space effectiveness.

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