Outsourcing your planograms

We combine our planogramming expertise, the Blue Yonder suite, and our own MissionControl software to leverage automation like nobody else. Our holistic approach to planogram delivery services is based on the planogramming process that drives all our work. We’ve learned that both manufacturers and retailers have their own way of creating, updating and utilizing their planograms. We preserve your unique vision and build you planograms that fit your needs. What does outsourcing your planograms really mean?

Planogram outsourcing covers a wide variety of services.
Let’s examine a few ways it can be used for different applications:


Cantactix manages your planogram production process

Our team will deliver the planogramming work necessary to complete your planogram outsourcing projects. Our expertise in automated solutions ensures planograms are better aligned with merchandising strategies and deliver consistent execution. Whether you require planograms created from scratch or an extensive reset of old planograms, we have the skills and expertise to handle it.


Cantactix designs the process and trains you to operate within it

Cantactix begins your planogram project as if it is our own, setting it up for quality and repeatability. Then we teach you to take over managing and updating your planograms on your own. By choosing this option you get your first project completed successfully, with the guidance of our experts so that you can complete future planogramming projects on your own.


Cantactix will assist your team with additional expertise

Whether you have a large number of new employees, are using technology for the first time, or require expert guidance to augment your planogramming staff, Cantactix can help your team get the job done. We will partner with you on the project from start to finish, leaving you with new skills and best practices.