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What does CKB do?

The Blue Yonder Category Knowledge Base, often referred to as CKB, is a powerful relational data repository that enables you to manage retail planograms, fixtures, floorplans, store/cluster data, product attributes, and performance information. It is the database component of the Blue Yonder Category Management suite. It offers powerful analysis and reporting capabilities, by centralizing all your space and floor planning data. This centralized data enables you to quickly ascertain insights into complex profitability questions and future insights. It also improves efficiency and accuracy by connecting Blue Yonder applications from the Category Management Suite like Assortment Optimization, Space Planning, Planogram Generator, and Floor Planning. CKB provides the ability to automate planogram and floorplan processes for increased productivity and standardization.

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This cutting-edge solution enables you to collect, store, integrate, analyze, and profit from information about your space and categories, all while allowing your related processes to run much more smoothly. CKB saves you hours of time by eliminating tedious, manual processes, and the solution’s detailed analytic capabilities empower you to make results-oriented decisions. The Cantactix team can customize and support the CKB solutions for your team, whether it is on-premises or cloud-based.

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