Integrations enable valuable data to flow both into and out of the Blue Yonder Category Management solutions.  Cantactix supports modern API integrations as well as legacy data integration approaches for on premise, Cantactix hosted, or Blue Yonder SaaS implementations and upgrades, enabling your organization to have a planogram-connected supply chain. 

An API-first future

The future of business optimization is in automation, and APIs play a key role in modern automation technology. Creating APIs requires a combination of technical expertise and data modeling skills that can be difficult to find. Our team is already Blue Yonder accredited in API development, and we know the category management data model and how to is apply it in the real world better than anyone.

Connect your enterprise

The future of the Category Management suite is on Blue Yonder’s Luminate Platform, powered by Microsoft Azure. Cantactix embraces this future. We have developed API-based solutions that connect with Blue Yonder products within their SaaS environment. We can connect your core enterprise and software-as-a-service (SaaS) based applications with Blue Yonder’s Category Management solutions for end-to-end alignment of planning, execution, and delivery capabilities.

Not in the Blue Yonder Cloud yet?

Don’t worry, Cantactix can integrate on premises and non-Blue Yonder cloud environments too! If your category management software hasn’t changed in a few years, we can still integrate more data and systems into what you have in place, getting you the most out of your current system, and doing so in a way that sets you up for your next upgrade. Don’t let your current server environment prevent you from making the forward progress your business needs now.