Faster, better planogramming

Leaders in the industry are automating hundreds or thousands of store-specific planograms. Cantactix can keep you ahead of the pack with tools like Blue Yonder Planogram Generator and Floorplan Generator, as well as our own MissionControl application.

Automation within reach

If you find yourself wondering if there is a better way, we can help. Our team can show you many automation options to improve the speed, consistency, and repeatability you want for building planograms and floor plans. Automation can take many forms, from creating automation scripts within Blue Yonder to customized software such as Cantactix Mission Control or even leveraging the power of Blue Yonder’s Planogram Generator. No matter the scale of automation your planograms need, Cantactix will take an objective look at processes and find ways to remove inefficiencies, improve scalability, and create workflows that make sense.

Planogram Generator

Cantactix has a long history with Planogram Generator. We use our real-world expertise to help clients navigate the Planogram Generator process from start to finish. We can help you choose the best category to start with, deliver an immersive and robust training and category onboarding process, and create new automation processes to automate the toughest merchandising challenges. Our approach to building your skills in Planogram Generator will ensure your Planogram Generator journey is successful.