Time at Home

A key additional benefit of eliminating the daily commute is the priceless bonus it gives to our employees:  more time at home, where they really want to be.

Being a virtual company works out well for us too. We don’t have an office, there is no footprint from construction and maintenance of that building. The less concrete that’s needed, the better! Plus, we get to hire the very best people in our industry, regardless of where they live.


Giving Back

Cantactix was founded on a principle of doing what’s right – it’s core value #1 here.  Acting with integrity in your daily life supports that initiative with clients as well.  Instead of having a company mandated event to support a chosen organization, we empower our employees to find ways to give back in their community, either individually or as a team.  Our solution is to support teammates and their organizations financially and provide the time flexibility to volunteer.  

Highlights of giving back to our local communities:

  • A spouse started and continues to run an annual tea party fundraiser.  The funds raised support a Senior Community Centre and Cancer Support Centre.  The most recent event had 130+ attendees and raised over $5,000 towards local programming.  Cantactix was just a small portion of that total, and we’re proud to be part of this annual event.
  • Employees’ children are active in sports and through fundraising activities and sponsorship, Cantactix has appeared on many jerseys.
  • A woodworker on our team heard that a local foodbank needed shelving to store their food and supplies.  Cantactix funded the purchase of the construction materials, our teammate went to work in their shop, and built the shelving units for the food bank.
  • One of the dads on our team combines his love of video games and his children by annually taking part in a 24-hour gaming marathon to raise money for the cancer center at their local children’s hospital.  Cantactix donates funds and the team enjoys watching and playing video games with their teammate over the 24 hour marathon.
  • A teammate is encouraged to continue to spend time with seniors during the day as it is a welcome break from screen time at work.
  • Many teammates support local sports organizations where they also donate their time.  This includes baseball, hockey, swimming and other local groups, which are almost always run by volunteers.  Small amounts of money given to volunteer groups help keep the spirits high and the results positive.