What does it do?

  • Space Automation Professional (SA Pro) automates the processes of creating planograms and floor plans, a process that is otherwise manual and repetitive. SA Pro was developed and deployed by Blue Yonder, formerly JDA, to replace the previous version.
  • SA Pro makes it easy to write, configure, review, and execute scripts for Blue Yonder’s Category Management Suite. It also runs more quickly than the previous version, Space Automation, which required a license for every user.
  • Automated tasks are performed regularly by Blue Yonder’s Category Knowledge Base, Floor Planning, and Space Planning and reduce the possibility of human error when managing floor plans, planograms, products, stores, and clusters.
  • SA Pro is built on the Microsoft .NET platform and enables users to create flexible, powerful, custom automation scripts using Microsoft’s C# and Visual Basic programming languages.

How we can help

We help you utilize the full potential of SA Pro for your business requirements, whether you need to replace manual, inefficient category management tasks with fully automated processes, orĀ convert legacy Space AutomationĀ scripts into SA Pro scripts.

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