What does Planogram Generator do?

  • Planogram Generator, often referred to as PG, creates consistent, data-driven planograms based on defined financial metrics across regional, cluster, or store levels. 
  • PG creates accurate, data-driven planograms is key to a merchandiser’s ability to satisfy consumer demand and maximize sales opportunities. PG automates what would otherwise be a difficult task, allowing suppliers and retailers to quickly respond to market changes and improve their competitive position.   
  • PG is a separate but supporting component of Space Planning, Planogram generator allows for the mass merchandising of planograms using customized commands, called Action lists, and a template ensuring a consistent merchandising standard.
  • Planogram Generator is available regardless of whether your organization uses flat files or a database. Planogram Generator is available as a client version and as an Enterprise Edition. 

Planogram Generator Enterprise Edition

Planogram Generator Enterprise Edition automatically creates large numbers of optimized, store-specific planograms, taking into account user-defined merchandising instructions, fixtures, assortments, and performance data. By using the power of Blue Yonder Category Knowledge Base, a single batch effort produces high volumes of high-quality planograms, quickly.  

Planogram Generator Client Edition

PG Client is the standalone version of Planogram Generator, and does not require Blue Yonder Category Knowledge Base. Individual users can automate the production of a smaller number of planograms within Blue Yonder Space Planning.  

How Can We Help

Our subject matter experts can evaluate the suitability of a category for Planogram Generator and support developing an end to end PG process.

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