In today’s environment of market volatility, labor pressures, and supply chain constraints, strategic space planning can help retailers and suppliers better navigate the current headwinds. 

When volatility transforms into out-of-stock products and fewer employees to stock shelves, retailers are under pressure to “act fast” at the shelf. Acting fast can have many consequences unless there has been some thought about the best approach.   

Before moving on, let’s define space planning. Space Planning is the process that begins with a store diagram, commonly -(.cad) files and ends with planograms. A planogram is a diagram or model that indicates the placement of retail products on shelves to maximize sales. It also houses essential information regarding products and fixtures, as well as acting as a vital stepping-stone for sales and inventory management. 

It’s important to recognize that there are significant milestones between the store diagram and the planogram. It’s very common that different retailers and suppliers are at different stages in the space planning journey.  When you are evaluating the level of space planning support you need, you will need to identify where you are in your own space planning journey, capabilities, and resources

Let’s explore three options to help you evaluate what support works best for your space planning journey so you will be ready to “act fast”. 

  1. Building: I need help building a space management process from beginning to end 

Look for a partner that can help you:

  • Turn store diagrams into floorplans for ongoing analytics 
  • Turn merchandising strategies into Planograms for ongoing analytics 
  • Knowledgeable experts that understand the process 
  • Ongoing resources to maximize space planning return on investment  
  1. Management: I need help evaluating my current process for efficiencies and repeatability 

Look for a partner that can help you:

  • Evaluate current capabilities and skill set 
  • Build an efficient process with knowledgeable experts 
  • Identify opportunities for automated solutions for time savings and accuracy 
  1. Assistance: I need temporary help to augment my current staff 

Look for a partner that can help you:

  • Offer knowledgeable experts that don’t require training 
  • Identify solutions for time savings and accuracy 
  • Reach goals on time 

The best defense to “acting fast” is a well thought out plan.  Understanding where you are in the space planning journey will help you make the best decision for what support looks like for your organization.     

Cantactix offers a variety of services, including Blue Yonder Space Planning support and planogram delivery. Contact us to learn more.