Cantactix is now offering live, online training for Blue Yonder (formerly JDA) Space Planning Software to help you achieve success in this work-from-home environment.  

On-site training may not be possible for a while, so Cantactix is expanding its training opportunities to include live, online sessions with an expert in the Space Planning field. You will receive the same high-quality experience that has benefited hundreds of other clients in the safety and security of your home. Additionally, we are including weekly checkups and a virtual help library to ensure your ongoing success. 

We are committed to meeting you where you are and helping you build the skills necessary to become more effective and efficient space planners.  Our experts are here for you!

We would be happy to discuss Blue Yonder Space Planning training opportunities with you. Contact us at or 1-844-226-8228 for more information. Let’s talk!

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