Walking Around New York

There have been many great reviews of the NRF Big Show and, as always, there is more to see than just the show floor itself. The Big Show has one of the world’s greatest cities hosting one of the world’s great industry exhibitions. Great cities are excellent metaphors for retail. To really get to know either of them you need to walk in them.  

At Cantactix we love to do store visits with our clients, so that we can see and touch the reality of their business.  New York is best experienced the same way.  It is full of interesting people, sights and places. Our clients have lots of interesting stores, and we have found that if you do not walk them, you will miss their character and purpose.

We are thrilled to welcome Sid Fear to Cantactix!

With 18 years of expertise at JDA, across many JDA products including the whole Category Management suite, Sid makes us stronger across the breadth of our business.

For an excellent deep-dive into one of the most challenging retail expansions in the past decade, we suggest this Canadian Business story.  

Our work is about optimizing the supply chain over that last mile to the customer. It pains us to read about people who have struggled with this.  Some of these problems were fixable.

The premier event for JDA customers is coming up fast. FOCUS 2016 is taking place this year in Nashville from May 1st to 4th. If you are reading this, you likely have a large investment in JDA software. Make it work better by spending four days with JDA experts and users learning how to best use the software.

Want to attend but lack the budget? JDA still has space for people who are interested in presenting. Admission is free if you are a presenter. Ask us if you are interested and we will connect you to the right people at JDA.

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