Floor Planning software from Blue Yonder, formerly JDA, helps you determine retail sales space effectiveness so that you can create and maintain accurate floor plans that increase store productivity. Using a flexible, intuitive interface, you can quickly produce and manipulate store layouts based on local customer demographics and manage multiple floor plans concurrently. You can also see retail floor plans in 3D to resolve layout issues or to design destination categories prior to construction or store resets.

By combining user-friendliness and streamlined processes with advanced reporting and analysis, Floor Planning creates a powerful tool that efficiently maximizes your selling-space effectiveness. The solution integrates with Blue Yonder Space Planning, enabling you to link store floors and fixture placement with product planograms to create customized store assortments that match consumer needs.

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Understanding and implementing a well-designed floor plan is proven to drive inventory turns and increase sales. Most clients find their return from  Floor Planning grows when it is teamed with Blue Yonder Space Planning and Blue Yonder Category Knowledge Base, and when your users are properly trained on getting the most of our expertise.

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