For years we have seen our retailer clients struggle to get the merchandising information stuck in their AutoCAD files over to JDA, now Blue Yonder, Floor Planning.  There just was not an automated way to connect these two systems.  So we set out to find you a solution.

We have recently partnered with 3DVR Solutions to create a solution to share your AutoCAD merchandising information with JDA Floor Planning.  Now you can automate the transfer of merchanding data from AutoCAD into JDA Floor Planning, for multiple stores at a time.  Join us for a webinar on Tuesday, November 28th at 4:00 PM Eastern to see this solution in action.

With our 3DVR AutoCAD Convertor, you can finally build and maintain floorplans quickly and efficiently. It is time to enable your team to manage your retail space at a store-specific level.  Let us show you how in a live interactive demo.