Cantactix Technical Architect, Brandon Wolf, has participated in the Extra Life gaming fundraiser for six consecutive years and has raised over $10,000! Each year he live streams while gaming nonstop for 24 hours in support of the Children’s Miracle Network. His donations directly benefit the Children’s Hospital of Richmond Virginia, which is one of the 170 Children’s Hospitals across the USA and Canada.

Extra Life is an livestream fundraiser that unites 50,000+ gamers from across the globe in support of the Children’s Miracle Network of Hospitals. From video games to board games, people game nonstop for 24 hours to help fund critical life-saving treatments, healthcare services, innovative research, and vital pediatric medical equipment for children in need. Since 2008, gamers have raised more than $100 million through the Extra Life fundraisers. It is the largest cause-gaming community and 2023 will mark its 15th anniversary.

Brandon and his family reside in Richmond and his most recent fundraiser was particularly momentous because he had a specific person in mind. Olivia is the 10-year-old daughter of friends and neighbors, and she was diagnosed with Leukemia in May of 2022. She spent nearly the entirety of the summer at Children’s Hospital of Richmond going through multiple rounds of chemotherapy. Fortunately, she is now officially in remission and was able to return home. She still has a long road to go before returning to “normalcy”. 

Brandon and his two children gamming during his 24-hour livestream.

Brandon has always been an avid gamer, so this type of fundraiser is perfect for him. He can raise money for a wonderful cause while also doing something that he loves. He plays a variety of different games throughout the day including Apex Legends, Rust and Fall Guys. In order to stay awake, he likes plays different games, especially new ones – like a surgery simulator game. Since he live-streams the full 24 hours on YouTube, friends, family and co-workers get to watch and to cheer him on. Brandon shared, “each year my co-workers make the time go by faster by spectating and chatting as I go. Kim had to google why I was dying of radiation in Rust and Billy gave me tips on how to do a late night eye transplant.”

When Brandon started participating in Extra Life in 2017 his goal was to raise $1,000. In 2022 his goal was $3,500, which he met! With his collective fundraiser donations of $10,000, he is the top fundraiser for Children’s Hospital of Richmond. Brandon typically starts gaming at 8 am and goes until 8 am the following day. During his 24-hour gaming sessions, Sara, who is also a Cantactite, takes care of their two children and brings him food. Brandon isn’t a huge consumer of caffeine, but he shared that he did polish off a 2-liter of Mountain Dew this time! Their children enjoy playing games with their dad for a good cause. The time with them also keeps Brandon motivated to make it to the finish line.

Congratulations, Brandon!

We would like to thank Brandon for his efforts! Check back for more information on Brandon’s November 2023 live-stream. We can’t wait to see how much you raise in 2023!

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