Assortment Optimization Basics

Turn consumer insights into specific product assortment actions
Create space aware assortments custom tailored to planograms
Manage insightful, reusable, and sharable assortment strategies
Review and score assortment decisions using a suite of options
Make assortments store specific using Assortment Generator
Import assortment data directly into Space Planning

What does Assortment Optimization Do?

Creates a reusable assortment planning process

Blue Yonder Assortment Optimization (AO) allows you to define a flexible and adaptable process for creating intelligent, space aware product assortments. Automatically calculate a proposed assortment based on the guidelines set by the user and approve the results through a series of review, scoring, and reporting steps. Seamlessly import your results directly into Space Planning planograms.

Retail performance indicators

AO allows you to import product, POS, consumer, and other contextual data to ensure the accuracy of assortment decisions. AO can also import data from data science providers to support the process and leverage the expert results of the data science analysis. Use AO with CKB to enable advanced features such as reporting or Assortment Generator, which allows you to create store specific assortments.

Helps increase profit margins and market share

Increase profit margins, strengthen customer loyalty, and ensure the appropriate use of your available space with the knowledge the correct assortment decisions have been made. Combine the automation of AO with the valuable domain knowledge of your staff to produce accurate assortments tailored to the needs of your stores.

How We Can Help

Cantactix can help you understand the tools available to you in AO and define the right process for your organization.

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