The latest release of the JDA, now Blue Yonder, Category Management software suite became generally available for use on July 10, 2015. Learn more about the Blue Yonder Category Management Suite here.

Short Read:

JDA has rebranded all legacy applications and has removed the Intactix name throughout the suite, usually replacing it with Category. For example, Intactix Knowledge Base is now Category Knowledge Base. 
The Planogram Generator (PG) offering has been diversified to include PG Enterprise (legacy) and myPG (client), a new version that is priced as a more affordable entry point for most companies. This is big news for small and medium manufacturers.
For the first time since its release in 1999, there have been new objects added to both Space Planning and Floor Planning called a sub-planogram. This will help you put your Sriracha sauce or stuffing mix over your frozen turkeys.  Read on for more details….

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Space Planning

The biggest change to Space Planning is the introduction of “Sub-Planograms”. This is the ability to merchandise “a planogram within a planogram” and allows both planograms to share the same vertical space on a Floorplan. To make this happen, there are three new objects available:
1.     A “Host” Planogram
2.     A Sub-Planogram Space (a new fixture type) that sits in the Host planogram
3.     A Sub-Planogram (which fits in the Sub-Planogram Space)
Sub-planograms can be created by a different user than the host planogram creator and can be assigned different Life Cycle criteria and dates from the host. There are a number of long-time Space Planning problems that this capability can help with, and we’ll share more on this new functionality in future newsletters.
Database users can now eliminate their MS Access data gymnastics and just Update from the database product library. This request has been on the list for many years and we’re sure you’ll be delighted by this enhancement.
A potential primary key issue was recently discovered that allowed some database users to inadvertently update existing products in pre-9.0 releases of the database resulting in duplicate and, on occasion, “mystery” products in the database. Contact us if you’ve experienced this and we’ll talk you through the issue and its resolution.

​​​​Floor Planning

Sub-planograms are a big win for floor-planners who need to merchandise two planograms within the same floor fixture footprint. Now Floor Planning can manage toothbrushes with toothpaste, or plum sauce over chicken fingers. A sub-planogram could also be a vendor-provided planogram that is a sub-section of a pegboard. With no limit to the number of sub-planograms within a host, this is a great addition to retailers with a mature implementation. This is a definite Upgrade if you’ve been waiting for this functionality.

Space Automation Professional

There are a variety of new commands for Category Knowledge Server (CKS – previously IKS) that extend functionality when working with a Category Knowledge Base (previously Intactix Knowledge Base) database. These include importing and exporting PEM planograms, looping through lists of database planograms, creating database report pre-filters on-the-fly for use with exporting database report data, and the ability to get the CKS database connection details so that SQL jobs could be executed.
Space Auto Professional is now a fully functional application that could replace the legacy Space Automation product.
A word of caution: The skill-set required to write these new scripts, (if you can still call them that) is very different than the one required of the business users to write the original scripts.

Space Automation
This tool continues to perform. Talk to us if you have scripts that you would like migrated to Space Automation Professional as we have some automation that typically converts a minimum of 80% of the original code and we continue to refine it with each passing week.

​​Category Knowledge Base

Parts of CKS and Open Access that relied on Microsoft Silverlight were rewritten in HTML5 so that the tools will work in more web browsers.

A Shopping Cart was added to CKS that will allow users to make selections and add them to their cart prior to doing the actual download. 

Open Access

The move to replace Data Manager sees the addition of Event Log and Batch Processing pages to Open Access. There are still many more Data Manager pages to go in this conversion effort, which means most companies with Data Manager will be keeping it for many years.
Other enhancements include Select All and Clear All features, offering streamlined methods for the management of the shopping cart, as well as the ability to maximize and restore the Planogram Editor view and other popup windows. 
For Open Access Mobile, a feature was added that provides the ability to increase or decrease the number of facings in the position with a fingertip stretch or pinch motion directly on the position.
Category Advisor
There were some small additions to the Fact Table that allow you to store more information for your reporting efforts.

Planogram Generator

PG has been split to PG Enterprise and myPG. Enterprise is the legacy tool that works with Category Knowledge Base and Space Planning and can quickly build you thousands of planograms with as little as one template planogram.
myPG includes all of the features of the version that is currently available in Space Planning and now includes the ability to generate all planograms that you currently have open. The number you can generate will depend on your computer configuration and the complexity of each planogram. We have done extensive testing on this and will dedicate a separate newsletter to this great tool.
If you simply need to generate multiple planograms at a lower price point, myPG could work for you.
The 9.0 release of PG includes pegboard enhancements and the ability to set a maximum number of facings in the Final Phase.

Assortment Optimization

This release adds attribute-based transferable demand and will re-assign sales when new products are added or deleted. There are also many updates to the tactics that you can use for calculations.
The big news is the broader release of Assortment Generator. This application is separately licensed and will allow you to generate mass numbers of assortments to find an optimal solution.

Our take on this release:

The myPG launch is a big win for small to medium-sized manufacturers and should be an easy upgrade if you are using only Space Planning.
Upgrade Floor Planning for the sub-planogram functionality if this helps your business, but know that you’ll also need to upgrade Space Planning to truly reap the benefits.
Space Planning and CKB updates are not likely enough to require an upgrade.
An upgrade to Space Automation Professional requires forethought and planning due to a different skillset from the legacy application and requires the addition of Visual Studio 2013.
Interested in upgrading? Learn more here.

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