The latest release of the Intactix, now Blue Yonder, software was made available for general use on July 9, 2014. Learn more about the Blue Yonder Category Management Suite here.

Short Read:

You should upgrade Space Planning. This will also get you the Planogram Generator advancements.
​The rest of the applications do not merit an upgrade unless you have reported issues that have been resolved.

Click on the links below to read our summary for each application

Space Planning

A key enhancement in this interim release is the BIG improvement made in the utilization of memory when loading planograms that are large in size or quantity. To facilitate this improvement, a memory status pane was added to help track used and available memory. One of these improvements is the long-awaited ability to cancel the opening of a project or planogram using the ESC key.
The Fixture-on-Fixture functionality is now supported by the page up and page down keys.
The Import Data From Clipboard function has been improved to protect restricted data during the import. If you have any Product or Performance fields that are restricted from certain users, there is a SECURITY RISK in the earlier 8.X versions which would merit an upgrade of Space Planning in the near term.

​​Floor Planning

There were many improvements made to the performance and functionality of the Floor Plan Space Allocation (FSA) functionality resulting in a big win for current users.

The Undo function has been extended to more actions within the application, particularly within FSA. Users will appreciate being able to use the arrow keys to move sections across combined fixtures.

Space Automation Professional

For anyone using IKS to upload and gather info from the Category Knowledge Base, formally Intactix Knowledge Base, will appreciate being able to:

  • Get the DBKey of the running job
  • Retrieve runtime parameter settings
  • Set the status of IKS upload script

A good place to start with Space Automation Professional would be to use some of the newly created templates designed to be used with the Space Planning tools menu.

Space Automation
No news for this excellent tool. It just keeps on working.

Intactix Knowledge Base (IKB)

The Release Notes from JDA show no new features for the IKB, which is now called the Category Knowledge Base. We think the new features in Space for Optimizing the opening of files from IKB are a big deal.
There are a few resolved issues with Open Access, so be sure to check the Release Notes if you’re using OA.

Planogram Generator

After adding the fixture-on-fixture feature to Space Planning, it follows that the newly released Planogram Generator (PG) would support the functionality. This is a big win for PG users and the introduction of the term “racks” is a suitable description to clearly separate these objects from regular fixtures in the planograms.

The Define Multiple Bands function has been enhanced to enable users to identify multiple segments that must be merchandised in the same band.

Any users who merchandise multiple positions on multiple shelves and allow motion will be glad to know that an issue that Cantactix referred to as the “Black Hole” has been repaired.

As always we suggest upgrading your JDA (now called Blue Yonder) Space Planning as soon as possible if you’re using PG. Learn more about upgrades here.

Assortment Optimization

There was one enhancement made to Recommendation overrides.

Our take on this release:

Upgrade Space Planning as soon as you can. The new Space Planning will also get you the new Planogram Generator features. The rest can be reviewed in more depth if anything stated here catches your eye.  

Interested in upgrading? Learn more here or contact us for more information.

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